Ninety-day viral game competition

Participants hunt for chocolate-flavored “Chocoman”, the CM character of AXE Darktemptaion, using their cell phones and compete with each other over the number of points accumulated to win the prize money.

The mobile website recorded about 3 million PV, and about 1 million AXE products were sold during this term.
Rather than providing fun cell phone content, let consumers enjoy communication with their cell phone.
Cell phones are owned by every target user of AXE in Japan. However, they are not fully functioning as a medium yet and are only carried as communication tools. They entered users’ everyday lives, made communication using cell phones and established communication among them and between them and the company. This acted as a trigger to invite people to enter a digital realm that was closest to their reality and move from one digital realm to another and then back to reality, giving shape to a system that can be experienced anytime and anywhere, that can be expanded independently and that invites you to participate in the experience.
This is the communication game that supports communication between male and female and fuses together communication utility and branding.
Winners get 1% of the sales of AXE.
The cash prize of this game convention is the 1% of AXE’S sales, and prize is announced on the on-line site.
In parallel, Participants earn their own points, they effort to bump up their cash prize by recommending AXE for one's friends and acquaintances.
Meanwhile, for Participants, this game is not only competition to get the prize, but also branded utility content for AXE, which give participants a good reason to communicate with person of the opposite sex by the excuse ”I participate the game, because I will get prize”. So, Participants who don’t’ reach getting prize also can find their new motivation.
By these reasons, we controlled female acceptable view of the world, although female is not primary target.
Access the Internet using QR codes
When you read a QR code (2D bar code) with your cell phone, the Chocoman of that QR code will come to your phone (meaning your hunt has been successful) and you obtain points.
The game stage is your everyday life
QR codes can be found in campaign ads such as posters and on the bodies of Bonus Chocomen who are actually roaming the street. The main and closest QR codes, however, are on the cell phone websites where the QR codes unique to each cell phone are issued.
Rendezvous between cell phones
In order to read QR codes displayed on a mobile website, you need to find cooperators who have cell phones displaying them. You need two cell phones to read a QR code.
Product exposure
You can obtain points from one QR code once a day. Thus, the key to winning is how many cooperators you can find. Every time you obtain points, the Chocoman sprays you with AXE.
Collection element
The Chocomen displayed on a cell phone change their appearance and the number of points they provide according to the number of times they have been read. Participants can collect Chocomen on their standby screens.
Associated with event
The field event on which the real “Chocoman” walks round.
By the shooting QR code which is printed on chocoman’s body, participants can get big bonus points.
Web Site
Cell phone website
On this cell phone website, not only are Chocomen displayed, but you can also check your own personal data, the changing amount of prize money, etc.
PC website
You can see an overview of the entire game on the PC website, which is prepared for the purpose of visualizing this invisible game competition in the eyes of the participants.
On the PC website, there are game trailer on which is held by the virtual contenders for the championship, TV program that broadcasts total information of competition, and “CHOCOMAN RADAR”.
Visualizing the viral phenomenon
On the PC website, you can trace back the network of participants that you are connected to. Participants will become more motivated by knowing of the existence of their invisible rivals.
As the mobile website recorded about 3 million PV, the participants were much fevered.
About 1 million AXE products were sold during the 90 days and it was felt that the campaign was a hit, offering even greater possibilities in the future.